Car Club sites Classic Ford Club of NT Click here Mini Car Club of Tasmania Click hereMG Car Clubs of Australia Click hereAssociation of Motoring Club (Victoria) Click hereFederation of Veteran, V


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Car Club sites

Classic Ford Club of NT Click here

Mini Car Club of Tasmania Click here

MG Car Clubs of Australia Click here

Association of Motoring Club (Victoria) Click here

Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicles Clubs (Victoria) Click here

Veteran Car Club of Australia (Vic) Click here

Goulburn Valley Motor Vehicle Drivers Club Click here

Other interesting sites

Respoking Wheels - Web Bike World Click here, or Royal Enfield Click here

Popular Mechanics Click here

Classic Valiants Click here

Rebuild a MG TD (photos galore) Click here - one of the best around

Abbey Pumping Station, in Leicester England. Somewhere you will want to go....Click here

Someones neat shed somewhere in US Click here

Zips Auto Gallery. An extensive collection of photos of any any type of car event in Sth Aust. Goes back quite a way. Click here

WW2 B17 survival story. Amazing read! Click here

And another one Click here

Low flying at its lowest. Allow plenty of time to read this!! Click here

Car part sites

Books and manuals supposedly the best collection in UK and Europe and they post anywhere.Click here

Books, manuals, workshop books allsorts of automotive and motorbike publications. Beven Young, Brighton SA. Click here

Classic Car Mirrors. Supply of classic mirrors , lights and other car stuff at good prices. Click here

Hemmings. American site can be usful in finding american car parts.Click here